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Summer surf, old school

Some awesome 1960’s vintage photos from LeRoy Grannis. Check out the full galleries here. Enjoy the images and oh yeah, take note of the complete lack of capri-length board shorts. But you already knew that.

Midget Farrelly Surfing Shore Break, Makaha, 1968

Duke Classic Finalists, Sunset Beach, 1968

Huntington Beach, 1961

Bob Beadle, Myrtle Beach, 1962


Summer Suits

Take some notes on how to rock a suit in the summertime from the guys over at Street Etiquette. Awesome post. Click the link for the full post.

Beat the heat: Survive summer in style

Let’s be straight: It’s hot as balls out outside right now. But that doesn’t mean you need to be reduced to a sweaty, wilted, and unstylish chump. Here’s what you need to do:

Get Groomed

First of all, your body needs to be ready for the heat. So get it ready. Read the rest of this entry »

Style vs fashion, and why you should care

It seems to me a lot of guys think there isn’t really much of a difference between style and fashion. Hell, I probably couldn’t have given you a clear cut argument on the differences a few years ago. As such, I thought it’d be a good idea to define what I mean when I say this blog will discuss men’s style. 

Style is nothing like fashion. Fashion changes rapidly and has no constants, no staples. Fashion leaves it’s followers perpetually trying to keep up, a slave to new trends. Fashion followers are not true to themselves and are simply followers of what’s “in,” and popular. Fashion followers are just that – followers.

When I took fashion classes in college I immediately realized I wasn’t particularly interested in fashion at all. We’d create trend & mood boards, defining a trend of our choosing for a particular season over a year away (Fall 2012, for example), then create mood boards to sell a trend in a particular light. It was a small scale version of what major retailers and designers do – define a trend and sell it with ads when the time comes.

Ironically, this quote from French fashion designer Coco Chanel really sums it up:

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” – Coco Chanel

Style is personal. Style is setting your own trends and influencing others with your own creativity and confidence. A stylish man knows the rules, respects them, and then bends them to his personal taste and liking. You determine your own style. Fashions get determined for you. A gentleman is a leader. And a leader has style.

Rule No. 4: Dress sharp

Rule: “Good clothes open all doors.” – Thomas Fuller

Words to live by from Thomas Fuller, an English gentleman who lived from 1608 – 1661. That’s right, dressing well was even important during the times of the English Civil Wars (read: a helluva long time ago). In all actuality, Adam was probably gloating over Eve because he got his leaf hand-tailored by God (or at least we would hope). Kidding. Kind of.