This website was a brief experiment in blogging by Mike Wedick.

I’m interested in helping men reconnect with their nature by building strong minds and strong bodies. In a time of rapidly increasing technology the connected become the disconnected (from their nature), and the best guide as we move into the future is to learn from our past. I believe the world desperately needs more men in-tune with their nature, purpose and passions; more confident, focused and unique men, free-thinking and at peace mentally, with strong, resilient and healthy bodies.

Enter Blakkbox.com – a site for the well-rounded 21st century gentleman, or rather, those aimed at becoming one. My goal is to become a better man, and to help you do the same.

What I believe is simple; better men will create a better world.

About Mike

I was born and raised on a small cattle farm in the deep south of Missouri and moved to Saint Louis at 13. My first love was always baseball, but at my new (much larger!) school I began playing football – and thus my passion for health and fitness was born.

Despite being in the “advanced placement” classes since elementary, I was never a big fan of school. Over my four years in high school my GPA steadily dropped from a 3.8 freshman year to a barely-graduating 1.6 last semester of my senior year – the only A’s coming from graphic design classes. What happened, in technical terms, is that I “pretty much stopped giving a fuck.”

After high school I went to the local community college for graphic design but quickly decided it wasn’t worth it when I started successfully freelancing as a designer on the side all through self-taught design skills. So I quit going for a semester and worked freelancing & detailing cars that Spring and Summer. Then I attended college at Missouri State University and studied art & design, and dabbled in fashion and entrepreneurship classes before deciding to drop out for good and follow my dreams.

I’m certified as a personal trainer and fitness nutrition specialist by the National Academy of Sports Medicine. This sounds good, but in reality mainstream fitness education is still a joke. Luckily I’m self-taught in nutrition and exercise by years of reading information the best minds in the fitness industry create, online and in books.

Get in touch with me via:
Email: mike {at} blakkbox.com